Elizabeth Ellery

Yeah me too!

What do we ALL look at throughout the day??? Our phones!

An idea was born…

Let’s re-wind to a few years ago… I was coming up to my 10 year anniversary as head designer at a high-end fashion label.

Feeling uninspired and knowing there was ‘something more for me out there’, I started looking for a phone case that had a cute inspirational quote on it, to help keep me motivated throughout the day until that ‘certain something’ showed itself.

What I found were tooth achingly sweet, covered in flowers phone cases with birds flying around the quote. I thought to myself, I can design something better than this.

So that’s exactly what I did!

I started my first business and designed 15 inspirational quote phone cases which I sold on my new website, Etsy and Not On The High Street. My cases were featured in the national press from Woman’s Own to a full-page feature in Cosmopolitan magazine.

Inspirational quote phone case business.jpg

What I loved most about starting that business was creating the ‘Brand’ which was shown thorough the photography and website. That’s what inspired me to do what I do now… which is to help other female entrepreneurs in creating beautiful brands. I predominately work with women who have service based businesses in the wellness industry as coaches, yoga teachers, authors.

I wanted to keep a legacy of my phone case business by creating phone wallpapers of my favourite 10 quotes. There are two options for you to pick, Pastels or Brights.

My hope is for you to feel inspired every day to chase your dreams and goals, just from glancing at your phone.


Pastel Mobile Wallpapers


Bright Mobile Wallpapers


P.S. Your download includes both pastels and brights!