Hi, I’m Liz,

I’m a Fashion Retoucher and Digital Designer with over 10 years experience in the Fashion Industry. My career began as a clothing designer but over time I gravitated towards the Digital side of the business where I became in charge of the visual online presence. From retouching Editorial to E-Commerce, my attention to detail is second to none!

I have a great eye for knowing how and when an image needs improving, through skilled photo manipulation without it looking ‘photoshopped’. Creating colour consistency, careful cropping, keeping everything symmetrical and skin that looks naturally fresh is my jam!


Please find below my Retouching and Digital Design Portfolios





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Thank you for perusing my work! Hope you liked what you saw, if so please send me an email at liz@elizabethellery.com or call me on 07850123428

Warmly, Liz x

P.S. If after viewing this page you have a look at the rest of my website you will see that as well as my Retouching and Digital Design work, I also help Female Entrepreneurs set up Businesses online. I love being able to use so many of my creative skills and am passionate about everything that I do.