How to keep your clients attention, when you may only have it for a few seconds

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Today we’re all more distracted than ever, we watch TV programs whilst playing games on our phones (OK that may just be me, Tetris is my bag), we’ll be doing a task for work and suddenly stop mid-sentence and start browsing Facebook.

My particular fave is when the radios on whilst I’m working, the DJ talks about someone I don’t know about and then I’ll start looking them up on Wiki, then google that person’s affiliates and the rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper….

See, what I mean... I even got distracted from the initial point i was making! … which is ‘How do we keep our audience/clients attention, when we might only have it for a few seconds?’

What I’m talking about is your top navigation, people we gotta make it as clear as humanly possible.


Because you don’t want potential customers confused and leaving your site due to not knowing where to go.

Top Line, what is it your clients are looking for when they come to your site?

What you do

Who you are

How to work with you

Are there any resources to get to know you more

How they can contact you

Translates into…



Work With Me

Blog | Podcast etc


Keep it simple!

If there are just two ways to work with you (and it’s pretty clear what they are without using 3-4 words) then you could switch out ‘Work With Me’ for (eg) ‘Photography’ and ‘Website Design’..

Using the Work With Me tab as an example again, you may;

  • Have the different ways to work with you listed on the one page

  • Write an introduction into what you do and then have links to your offerings which open up in separate pages

  • Create a drop down folder from the Work With Me tab, showcasing your different offers

I remember a marketing guru once telling me, you have to break it down as if you’re explaining it to a child. Just because you get it, doesn’t mean someone else does.

So go forth and make sure your top navigation bar is as simple as can be and if you have a friend who may need this post in their life, please share the link with them.

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