Liz is a godsend to coaches and creative women entrepreneurs!! Working with Liz was a dream for a creative like me who loves beautiful design but wouldn’t know where to start with online branding. She totally took care of the process from start to finish so that something I’d worried would drag on for months and be a headache was done and completed within a month!

I never felt bad asking for changes and tweaks because Liz just ‘gets it’. Thank you so much Liz you’re truly gifted at not just the brand design and essence but supporting the process to get the job done as pleasurably as possible.
— Katharine Dever
It was a real pleasure working with Liz on my website. I loved working with her on the complete package - photos, web design, website build and go live! She was really tuned into what I wanted and brought an excellent team to the job. Our photo day was especially fun and I have great memories. I highly recommend Liz’s work.
— Christina Bowe
Liz is an absolute joy to work with. I love her generosity, energy and creative input and her attention to detail is impressive. When it came to the personal branding and the website Liz had a bigger vision for my brand than I did for myself. Always a little bit afraid of ‘bigging myself up’ Liz has gently nudged and guided me in the right direction to find my authentic brand that truly represents me. I could not have done this without her help. The results speak for themselves.
— Robbie Jerram
Having the brand design, photography and website created by the same person was so much easier than project managing several people. Liz seamlessly transitions through the different roles and is amazingly expert in each area. I don’t usually enjoy photo shoots but with Liz it was a fun and successful experience. She easily created a vision from my thoughts of what I was hoping for and made it come to life, she just got it! She has created a brand that I couldn’t be more happy with.
— Susan Milad
I’m so grateful that, by some magic, you and I connected, Liz! You have an uncanny ability to take an idea that’s not even fully formed in my mind and bring that to life online. I’m so incredibly excited to launch my new website and I know, without a doubt, that it will catalyse my next level in business. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I’m truly blessed to have worked with you.
My experience with Liz was fantastic. She had a very tight deadline and surpassed my expectations with what she created in such a short amount of time.

I can’t wait to work some more with her in the future, her creativity, artistic flare and vision combined with her technical knowledge in web design is outstanding.

Thank you Liz!
— katy sloane


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