Top Tips On What To Wear For Your Personal Branding Photoshoot

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Picking what you wear for your personal branding shoot is critical to how your website and social media will look. You have to be really strategic about it, and here’s why.

The colours of your clothing will form the colour aesthetic for your brand.

If you have dreams of your brand being light and airy with flashes of yellow and green everywhere and your chosen photoshoot outfits are predominantly black then you will not achieve your ideal.

For the Perfect Dreamy Shoot and ‘On Brand’ Website look, take a look at my following tips…

1. Create A ‘Brand Vision Board’ in Pinterest

Now notice how I didn’t say, Brand Photoshoot or Outfit Inspiration Boards. What you want is a clear idea of how your dream website will look. I find it best to start with your website first as that’s what will filter through into your social media. For this board you’ll want to pin images of patterns, logos, homewear, plants, flowers, lifestyle shots - basically anything that you feel is ‘you’ and would represent your brand.

2. Analyse Your Pinterest Board

Once you’ve collated all of your ideal brand images you can take a step back and see what colours seem to be prominent. Explore your wardrobe and see if anything is popping out that matches the colours and theme of your brand vision board. For instance, I love bright colours and I’m obsessed with printed dresses. BUT for me I knew that printed dresses on my website wouldn’t be right and also may date very quickly. So I kept with brighter block pieces, in the colours I’d chosen for my site. You shouldn’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe just to match your theme, as usually when you’re picking out colours it’s because you gravitate naturally to them anyway and will probably already appear in your wardrobe.

Or ignore my previous two points and....

3. Take a look at What’s In Your Wardrobe

Open your wardrobe doors and find your all time favourite pieces. Which items do you feel amazing in? Do you have outfits you’d wear to meet your clients?

Put them all on your bed. Go through them and see if there’s a theme.

Are they all black? Is that really what you’re going for? If you’re happy with that then think about what locations you could shoot in wearing black so that you won’t merge into the background.

4. What Services Will You Be Offering On Your Website?

Recently I had a client who had an abundance of gorgeous sharp tailored suits, in beautiful bright colours - she was the ultimate female powerhouse. They would have been absolutely perfect for her old website branding but not her new one. She was taking a different turn in her business, everything was a little softer and a more spiritual way of working. She had different types of looks in her wardrobe, not just the suits - she had boho floaty kaftans and her yoga outfits so she was able to take a different approach.

So take a look at what new offers and packages you’re thinking up in the not too distant future for your business and if they may need a different type of outfit look.

5. Go Shopping, Book in a stylist

Hire a professional shopper to help you pick out the exact looks you want for your branding and that feel like you. Sometimes you may find you’ve not been clothes shopping in forever and actually don’t know what you’re style is, that’s when a stylist is perfect. She can help you pick items that will flatter you, shape and colour wise whilst also keeping in mind what you want your new branding to look like. Just dropping it in there, that I have ten years background in fashion and I just love to shop. Write me in the comments below if you want to discuss your wardrobe with me and how I can be of service.

How I picked my outfits was a little of all above 3 points.

I had an idea of what I wanted my website to look like, clean, airy with pops of bright colours. But it wasn’t until I looked in my wardrobe that I saw how many bright pink, green, yellow garments I owned - guess I like dressing happy haha. Pink was the one that really popped to me and I’m a massive stripes fan too.

Et Voila my brand colours and outfits were picked!

If you’re thinking of having a photoshoot and have any further questions about what to wear that I’ve not covered here please leave me a comment below and I’ll be sure to reply to you as soon as I can :-)

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